Friday, May 20, 2005

SHF #8: Grapefruit Cake with Blackberry-Lime Honey


Food blogging is sort of a new thing to me, though I’m not sure why I’d never thought to put two of my interests – cooking and writing – together and do something with them. I toyed with the idea of participating in SHF for a while, but between projects and laundry (ah, the life of a student!) I never quite found the time till now. The theme this month was so summery I couldn’t resist, and when A. pointed out that the first four letters of my name backwards spells ‘lime’, it was a sealed deal.

I initially wanted to use oranges and pair them with a chocolate something-or-other, but since that’s my favourite flavour combination, I decided to step out of my cooking comfort zone and use (ugh) grapefruits instead. And trust me, grapefruits are far out of my comfort zone - I can trace my dislike for them back to our first meeting when one spat in my eye.

grapefruit cake alternative

Forgive me,, but the recipe for the grapefruit cake I ended up making came from a Disney website, which I happened across while planning A.’s birthday present (a trip to Disney World). I halved the recipe, not having enough people to force such a rich looking cake on, and made it in miniature because as we all know: anything that is bite sized doesn’t contain any calories at all. The cakes came out of the oven fluffy and moist, and the frosting, though hell to spread evenly, was so good I was licking remnants off the palette knife. I decided to serve them with a blackberry-lime honey for colour more than anything, but the flavours complimented each other so well that I’m considering telling people I’d planned it all along.

grapefruit cake bitten

The recipe for the cake can be found at